And here's how I did it! Thanks to everyone that gave this a go!

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  • great!

  • amazing, what else to say?

  • i-

    it didnt use rassel?? how

    • LFO and ring modulation all the way 😉

  • Oh, cool! Like I suspected, there was no automation except for the note tracks (yes, I cheated in that regard), and just like I did, I see that you split the signal and put the chorus on the higher frequencies. I also noticed that I mistook the Pulverisateur LFO for a delay, and I wasted many minutes on pondering "WHERE THE **** DOES THE DELAY GO???". :P Very nice to see how this was created! Very cool approach to the source waveform, kind of letting the ring modulator sing its own melody. :)

    • Yeah, I decided against using automation because I wanted it to be more about what can be done "within the box".

      Anyone that knows my workflow knows I love to split the signals up a lot so I was really happy to see so many people do that as well 😝

      Using two synths was a little sneaky of me, to be fair, but there were a couple of entries that got very similar sounds without using RM in the way I did, so that was very interesting for me to see!

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