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  • Was listening to First Snow by Purrple Cat and I was like this sounds like that Rai song

  • So full and complete

    A bonfire at the beach~

  • Like half of the people here, at first i was going to comment 'great ford vibes', but actually, no, it's your own vibes; Your drumwork is stellar, that bass feels so warm, great great track, lan

  • I LOVE this. It's the best thing in my life rn.

  • this makes me hyped for the summer

  • Ford 2.0?

  • Wuuut the mixing here is perfection :0


  • Great mixing. The way the piano and bass bring in this deep warmth is masterful asf

  • oml that bass is so amazing.

    Absolutely amazing :thumbs-up:

    • That kick as well just superb

  • god damn. That bass is so clean though

  • holy shit wait

    remix is open

    i can see how you freaking made this masterpiece

    holy shit

    and its a decent sized draft

    time to study tf out of the chops i know you did

  • My attic?

    • yours specifically :)

  • this is still just so lovely, i cant stress enough how much i love your use of the sample here. ughhh, makes me melty :)))

  • realy like this one