something I made ig

I was playing the guitar riff and then started improving

@Lucas Astoria was there to see it

pretty fun

let me know if you want an official version


The end is me struggling to open Lucas's phone(I was using it to record)

it like wouldnt freaking open cause his phone is trash :P



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  • are vox public.. id love to 'reinterpret' this..

  • Love how it's not studio and is just recorded on a phone in a room. Something abt it is just awesome and really cool to listen to.

  • Aaaaaaand you’re going to jail. FREE hurakan

  • Good music. I like the chords

  • Cool/10

  • Nice one !

  • Love the lofi quality of the recording, glad to hear this spontanious kind of music on AT. Great job! :~)

  • blood on the knife she's blaming mee

    i don't have an answer for youuu


    • experiments* jeez i've watched this anime why can't i get the name right

    • i just rapped over the serial experiment lain ost

    • thanks

      idk maybe

      i've found out i can (somewhat) rap, i can't rhyme but i do have a good flow

      and on radiohead type beats on yt nonetheless

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  • This puts a smile on my head 😊

  • oh man this is beautiful

  • Nice work

  • your singing voice is so top notch quality of everything notched and quality im kneeling on my kneeling knees oh man AA

  • excellent, very well done

  • Would love to see you live. Some smaller culture club they organize in some room in a building they rent. And where they invite different groups and artists for a smaller, artsy crowd. That would be the perfect atmosphere.

    • Mannnn I forget how many people I know DON'T already live in the US lol

      gotta start keeping track

    • Well... guess I gotta fly to the USA at some point. Too many people I "know" and want to see live there at this point lol.

    • AGREED!

      I'm really hoping to get a couple gigs somewhere soon

      Maybe if you're up here sometime, you could see me live :D

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  • This is really good. If you were to make this into an official song with good mixing and stuff it could potentially blow up.

    • we'll see! cooking up an official version tonight, not sure when I can record though