"please... dont do this"

"oh, dont worry babes, im not here to hurt you" rouge confidently sits on top of the Chaos Emerald. Knuckles having no strength at all begs Rouge to not hurt it, "Please, lets calm down ourselves.." Rouge seeing how loyal and desperate knuckles is to protect the Chaos Emerald, something inside her sparks, something... lovely. "mm, dont worry i promise to not hurt it, since you are being such a pity thing"

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  • Ittaizentai


  • OwO

  • yo! how u doing this? this is insane! and how u doing the covers?

  • this mix is insane. how do you do this on audiotool? also as writer i love the lore you add to the tracks

    • stereo has definitely been one of my favorite devices for a while now, tysm for the tip

    • Is just taking out a lot of bad frequencies and lowering the volume until u don't hear even the slightest distortion, also stereo and mono devices help so much to not put all the frequencies in one place, I love using a lot of stereo bc it can help the frequencies have some fresh air

  • also seb if u want me to help write the descriptions for your sonic tracks i would be glad to xdd

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  • me when laser tag:

  • this is a party song I like it

    • haha thats a def!

  • Really cool sound selection

  • what is that description

  • It’s that off-beat cymbal that’s really getting me into the groove lol

    • ayy glad I took that risk 🤎

  • I want to be in a shady club with this on loud as hell

    • The vibe is unreal for sure 🤎

  • each new sonic related track leaves me weaker by the second i cant handle this man gosh DARN YOU RAAAAAAAAH

    • LETS GO WOO! ┏⁠(⁠^⁠0⁠^⁠)⁠┛

  • so damn talented

    • we all are! 😤💪🏽

  • this goes so nice

    • Ayy thanks 🤎😤