Cover of track 800 Remix Competition by synthonix
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synthonix, 800 Remix Competition


Okay guys, You've heard me say this enough already, but i fucking love you all lmfao. cheers for 800, nothing more to say really xD




Anyway, to give me a bigger boner when listening to your sexy remix, try some of these:

~ Keychange (<3)

~ Lead Variations

~ Chord Variations


also, I know the original is heading towards melodic, but i'd like to see this taken in a new direction. I'm not telling you to, but it will make the whole thing more fun for everyone.


Exams are legit just over two weeks away. that means hardly any time to spend on AT with you guys. You can spam your remix to me if you want to, although i will go through all of them when judging.


Deadline: 30th June 2016


Love you guys <3 :* mmmwah

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