i might add on to this cause I love it

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  • confusing XD

  • I suppose this is meant to sound like game music. And you did it with bravura! :)

  • i like tacos and 8bit tunes. Awesome!!!!!!

  • thanks lol

  • Boom. Got you to 100 plays.

  • :D

  • Taco = Good

    3D Taco = Tasty

    8 Bit Taco = Godly

    Good job bro

  • thanks guys :P

    Btw this is my alternate account

  • AWESOME track!

  • good work :)

  • nice man ! cool stuff for sure

  • niceeee! it has that game tune feel :)

  • thanks much guys

  • two words...crazy -ness

  • You commented so I thought I'd return the favor. Always makes me happy to see a new comment. Anyways, really love the drums on this one. Think it'd be fitting if you added some sort of mexican-sounding mariachi melody or something, too.