Sun falls down on another day

I hear my name on the broken wind

So what am I so afraid of

I don't know who I've become


I pick my peaches

I store my faults

Leaves grow dark

The trees fall away

Every moment falls on me

One more pill to fade away

No more time to reminisce

On my past


Shoutout sim for the amazing guitar/bass

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  • Republished

    updated some vox

    • might have gone too hard on the pitch modulation yikes

  • <3

  • absolutely beautiful vocals/lyrics

  • Very peaceful, and incredible voice as usual :)

  • wonderful ungh

  • man

    it has this early 2000s vibe that makes me deeply nostalgic

    you have the voice of an angel, be sure of it

    • dude it totally reminds me of some early 2000s stuff

  • so happy someone did vocals to this

    ive wanted someone to that for so long hahaahaha

    ive tried but it never really worked to be honest

    thanks for making the dream happen man :)

    • but im glad you like it man

    • I honestly didn't hear this until yesterday, but I knew right away I could write something for it haha

  • You have a beautiful voice Andy !

  • this fits the original so well!

    • i saw sims track for the first time yesterday, and I knew I had to write to it

  • you have such a great voice

    sentimental, gentle and draws you in

    • thank you,i really appreciate the support man :)