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  • woah (1987) listens that's one of my songs


  • Yoo i fw this, this is crazy , litty!!!!

  • oh god

  • This is smooth.

  • Wait I thought the trap kids went back home to mothers

    guess not smh

    • WaIt, I ThOgHt ThE TrAp KiDs WeNt BaCk HoMe To ThEiR MoThErS.

      GuEsS NoT SmH.

    • oof

  • Rose and i working on our next collab.

  • Sorry, this kinda late, but i think you should add at least 1 perc or 1 chant, other than this beat "pro".

    • Ight and, thanks

  • This....This right here is lit

    1 more
  • This got big..

    • Oo, you can comment now.

  • This is pretty nice dude, it's just kind of generic, and some things are a little too loud. Other than that, this is nice!

    • Yea, mixing was a little lazy but.. thanks regardless.

  • I like this but the melody is a little loud

    • Thanks, I'll try to turn it down.

  • We should make a song together, if im cool enough?

  • I don't like how the 808 kick bass plays only the same two notes over and over, and the drum pattern could use some more variety, but nice job overall

    • Thank you for the feedback. Might switch it up

  • I fw this heavy