This took FOREVER to make but I'm pretty happy with the result. I just hope you guys like it and thanks to Dominick Soth for the cool name :)

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  • I enjoyed this track a lot

  • wowowowo!

    so cool as i will put it in my description i think!

  • Hey man, this is so cool. Its crazy though. its crazy so I don't want to encourage it. Oh what the heck.

  • Thanks SmileHarder :) I might reuse the pad.

  • Yes!!! Dude, you make rich and creative sounds/ synths.

    : ^]

  • Nice one! Really love those synths, and REALLY love 0.00 - 5.21 :D

  • Those synths are Sweet!! }=)

  • like the first part most!

  • Yeah the faint highs are great and that change up! :)

  • BTF, this so cool too....

  • i like

  • thanks!! :)

  • Nice!

  • Nice !

  • Super glad I found you! Love that synth!