Another year, another AT Day <3

Continuing exploration of unique sound design with Audiotool. Enjoy!

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  • that bass is deeper than deep

  • Republished

    i had turned off an effect by accident

  • Republished

    I have been waiting for the contest to be over to finally republish this! :) I didn't want to cheat and make changes after the deadline. Thanks to the judges for another great AT Day!

  • Echo techno notes, gives the song a feeling, as if your staring into space from Earth.

  • reminds me of the opening to teletype by everything everything. These sounds are so good, man!

  • mmmm percussion makes me grin

  • There is probably nothing I haven't already said. Great job, once again

  • Republished

    arrangement tweak

  • Vibe

  • really interesting way to deal with the percs, love it