if this describes you 🤡

in all seriousness I want to see this behavior die down. it's not what audiotool is here for.

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  • i thought you were married😭 im tripping.

  • petition to make audiotool make an anti-dating task force ------------------>

  • Feel like this is an important and relevant reminder, if someone online is encouraging you to do something behind your parents' backs, cut off contact and tell your parents immediately (yes, *especially* if "Your parents wouldn't understand")

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  • *Cough* ApoC *Cough*

  • lmao

    so true

  • ‘I got a specal blend of rizz that i put into font. She can't resist this triple x and underscore savant.’ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO


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  • YOOOOOO, naswalt let me take you on a date man we can collab later.

  • The beat is fucking nice haha lol , no lyrics :(


  • i got all the e-hoes fr on god no cap bruh

    • really i'm more concerned than angry at the kids that do this

      though it's hard to admit, WE were a lot like these current ATers

      sure it was different and maybe it wasn't as overtly disgusting and bad, but all of us were still edgy kids back in the day who filled the site with less than pleasant things

      what sucks is that there's no simple solution to this edating problem.

      the rise of the internet left a massive social void that these kids respond to with this kind of behavior. its fucked up

    • anyways, yeah, this shit is out of hand.

      i fell into the trap of e-dating when i was a teenager, though only once and with someone verifiable thank god. even then it's still embarrassing to a degree. what's not obvious is the damage that shit causes. i mean, you're swooning over a damn picture at the end of the day. there's no telling what kind of mental distortions you can give yourself by doing that. combine that with catfishing and predators and you're really walking a thin line


    • @Rocka'Chan

      a perfect example of if you're gonna online date, don't turn the site you're using (unless it's a dedicated dating site) into a dating site. You and hurakan are still dedicated to the community and you're music, and you're not shoving that away just for your relationship. nice work :thumbs up:

    • Already did that lol

    • Oh i also forgot about catfishing. Ig the only way to confirm it is via call

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  • those lyrics

  • What if audiotool was a place for music

  • audiodaters when they hear this track:

    • official title for audiotool daters

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