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  • yea same 100% nun

    • sorry this is a banned account from em, but yea use it

    • Yo, sympathy, permission to post this if I credit you and link your account in the description of the song?

  • wait this is Whip a tesla XXXDDD nevermind i worked on this for 2 weeks

    • idk, i need to pay more attention to that stuff, i basically just started making music on this site, so im still kinda learning, my technique isnt complete yet, so really these are just practice

    • What license did you put on the song? For some reason when I do all rights reserved it lets everyone join

    • 😕 idk man, i just make beats, somehow people get invited on it, and rename it and take the beat, but its all cool, still accredited to me to alls well.

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  • ikr

  • damn, i just got invited and did 100% nothing

  • fire

  • Republished

    flute fixed correctly

  • Republished

    LOL try to guess

  • Republished


  • Republished

    cutting issues fixed

  • Republished

    flute mixed right