This is my entry for the contest...I know, dance is not my genre so any suggestion is welcome :-)

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  • again that lead synth is great!! :) not dancey really reminds me of the "old" Owl city or swimming with dolphins ( if you so ever wish to check them out :)

  • WOW when the bass comes in it sounds great!! :) again beautifull stuff here :) the bass I think should be lowered its too bright or bass I think. I can hear thiose amazing pads in the background!!! @ 1:20 !!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! you really know how to make perfect tones!! :) really awesome stuff :)

  • Great track Spronz!!

  • Thanx guys!

  • great style - certainly has "sbronz" written all over it. :) ...oh and cool cover art, too

  • Came back for more.. I don't know why I didn't download the first time.. just love the positivity in this!!

  • it's very nice =)

  • Thanx man! You're so kind :-)

  • Man your style is so addictive.. love the synths!! And the beat, I need to sit down one day and study how you make those sparkly synths.. they are so texture perfect

  • bring back da boobies

  • thanx guys!


  • awesome! really nice track! :)

  • re-re-refav

  • Thanx guys!