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Dei Servus: Gods Servant
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About me: I play trumpet and I am taking 4 music classes this year including keyborading and AP music theory (college course)
I enjoy peacefull/ambient music and I also enjoy hard electronic stuff and dubstep/drumstep as far as electronic music on AT goes otherwise I like everything else except polka and country :P I have a major passion to create music in anway possible and I probably do this waaay more than I should.
When making a song I dont generally use any presets and always try to be original.
when it comes to others, I always try to keep up with everyone but naturally I only have time and motivation to check artists I take after, make similar music to mine, or ones I model in some way but I always try to keep up with you and comment. I favor critisism over a comment or favorite and I wont hesitate to do the same for you to make you a better AT artist.
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My best songs so far I think:
1. Gold
2. Legend of the Crest
3. City
some artists you should check out (in no order)
@E I D Ø L O N
check out my secondary account @SixthStone

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