shoutout to suzume, you are lethal in the game big ups bro hope we can do something again in future! :)

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  • Heyyyy it's that lofi piano sample i used

  • Bro Ive been trying to figuew out how people do this shit, I love it

    • thats really it tbh

    • pick a very minimalistic hat and take out the low end to make space for anything else

    • its in the hats , slightly off the grid and you get it right

  • yuh

  • the first kick on every 2 bars is clipping during the intro, but these vibes are immaculate

    • i mixed those kicks with headphones that receive low end pretty well, so the results may vary.

      I like live kicks to be beefy, so at times I might just let it clip intentionally

    • in my headphones at least

  • :OO


  • Thank you for allowing me to do what I do best.

    • ofc man! was fun to mess around on this