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  • in5omniac!!! another - tale of us, the best track!

  • marry me :)

  • re-fav :)

  • Thx mates!

    @ in5omniac: Matador is one of my favourite artists of m_nus, he inspires me ;)

  • Am I the only one who thinks about aliens when reading the title? This sound a little like Matador and that's not bad at all! :)

  • omfg supermegaultra techno!

  • oh fuck yes!

  • Thank you so much amoeba! Your comment is amazing :D

  • my god this is amazing. that bass is amazing. the percussion is amazing. the sound effects are amazing. the creepy guys voice is creepy and amazing. the waveform is amazing. augh.

  • Great techno wonce again!

  • Damn ... and I missed such a thing ...


  • What a banger

  • Speechless ...