superhighattack on allll ssnnythhhss

enjoy :)

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  • Refave my gwad!!

  • jesus this is so good

  • ily and everything u make

    • honestly this prod quality is so top dude

  • Still come back for this

  • yo that attack is insane

  • damn thanks for the love all

  • this is really good, top tier work

  • Oh my god

    • when I did it you literally said "this is so deep" lmao

    • that made no sense in this context

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  • damnnn wowow this is beautiful

  • kawalli is one of my heros when it comes lofi and future bass

  • banger after banger

  • and god DAMN those vox are nice

  • this is sexy as hell

  • Republished

    there are some rogue freqs. in the main pad i can't seem to get rid of that don't show up in app. i'll try again tomorrow

  • o i like this yess chill shit fam