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  • This is amazing.

  • I can play along now <3

  • my god your voice is gorgeous

  • Wow this is so nice!

  • is refaving still a thing?

  • this song is great

  • this needs a full version, dude.

    i would pay every last penny of mine to hear this song with a drop.

    this is beautiful as it is and i know this is what you were aiming for but damn this would slap with some Deftones-esque tones and drums.

    not trying to say this is boring because it's not at all (as well as all of your other songs) but it would be cool to have a different version of this.

    I always appreciate your music and have a blessed day, man!

  • fuckk

  • thanks sid

  • i remember hearing this one

    beautiful and tragic

    also a cool DECAY callback

  • your voice is amazing