Yes, I know it sounds like Chill Penguins guys. hope you like my latest creation, subject to mixing and edits soon.

double phasin yo


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  • I keep thinking I hear "nigguh"

  • so many ducks

  • so many ducks

  • so many ducks

  • Love it.

  • well there are frequent key changes in the intro, while the drop stays in one key. that might also be it

  • @Noir thanks for your comment about the intro. but I'm pretty sure it's all F# blues

  • I don't get why people were hatin' on this song

  • Wow, the intro is awesome! The drop is kinda sketchy. You established one key in the intro and then just sort of ignored it in the drop, probably not the best idea. In fact, the more I think of it, that ripping bass really clashes with the chords your pads are putting out. I really like the composition of this track, and you have so many great nuances, and so it's even more noticeable when you have something really jarring like a completely out of key bass.

  • Nice

  • Nice!

  • Oh damn

  • you're still alive?! but thanks man!!

  • A foocking machine gun of FAVORITING