Cover of track Ah l'Halal, l'halal, l'halal ! Remix by Grotzo
  • about 6 years ago
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Grotzo, Ah l'Halal, l'halal, l'halal ! Remix


This is a remix of Ah l'Halal by looking for more minimalism.

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    Grotzo about 6 years ago

    Yes D-Bizzy, because we often have regrets: we think that such or such song could also be in such or such spirit... All this establish(constitute) good experiences(experiments)...

    In french ?

    Oui, car nous avons souvent des regrets : nous pensons que telle ou telle chanson pourrait aussi être dans tel ou tel esprit... Tout cela constitue de bonnes expériences...

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    KolorKoat about 6 years ago

    i think its kinda cool when you remix your own song well done:)

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    RoGiH about 6 years ago

    Very good, man ... very good ;)