Cover of track Aimlessly Adrift by AlexR1der
  • about 4 years ago
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AlexR1der, Aimlessly Adrift


I was trying to kinda make another song like Deep Space, a song I made about a year ago.

Deep Space

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    about 4 years ago

    again, it sounds like something in Super Metroid. only this time its more like youre way out there, on like, the equivalent of a space sailing ship. just kinda sailing along, waiting for stuff to happen. the song goes real well with the title, i must say. just sounds like youre waiting for something to happen. or, on the more pessimistic side, something already DID happen, and now your battered, broken ship and/or body is kinda just floating out there. real cool tho! ^m^

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    Torch of Fire

    about 4 years ago