H: FIRST TIME COLLABING WIT DV since the nightmare around July. So he suggest the Cyber Summoner whihc is a decent compared to past collabs we worked maybe he could steer the duo name to publicity who knows.

DV: yooooo we are back with another name which is Cyber Summoner and well this time things are different as we are doing a different style of music then what we used to do (even though dubstep and riddim can be a option in the future) as Vermite and i think it's a good start to a new era between me and Mahad also how i came up with the name change is that i wanted to come up with a more professinal name then Vermite and well i had to come up with a name to match Distorted Vortex and Horchata so that's when Cyber Summoner is born also i noticed that this is going to be a really long track so i'll be cutting it down when it's published.

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    Sup3rior pro Beats

    about 1 year ago

    you and you music sucks

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      CrazyKid (Horchata) Gone

      about 4 months ago

      It may be sup3rior Pro beats' opinion but his doesn't do a thing to make our songs better...

      so leave it, DV

    • User Avatar

      Distorted Vortex

      about 9 months ago

      that harsh as i was working on my friend with this you know