It's only rock'n roll... But we like it. Pure and basic fun. It's essential! Thanks contributors.

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  • i like it

  • please listen to my music

  • this is real music

  • yes. Thank you for making this. its amazing. did u use an actual guitar sample for this?

  • the best song ever invented

  • nice. where did you get the guitar?

  • Thanks Hertz, your comment is relevant to me!

  • Thanks Thedoctor!

  • Nice song. I love how original it is. Not much of these out there.

  • This track needs a solo! SOOO GOOD!!

  • XxEQuINoxX, thanks so much for your comments.

  • Thanks Uprising! Your track "Nemesis" is excellent!

  • i am putting this in my remix Q it may or may not happen :) hey chack out my Hard rock Dub step Remix Called NEMESIS :)

  • wow this is something I never expected to hear from this site. Executed to perfection, superb track :)

  • Thanks Cripta... Thanks Yixdee! Your feedbacks are important to me!