" I think as a producer the most rewarding feeling is when someone compliments your work, but just like women we need to hear that a hundred times before we gain confidence in our work "

So i tried solving audiotool's volume vs quality issue with a final eq, it's up to you to judge wether it worked or not but you can find the preset for it on the graphical eq as VolumeQualityFix ( 1 ) & VolumeQualityFix ( 1.5 ). You will find all instructions on VolumeQualityFix ( 1 ) AND A LOT OF NERDY SH**... jk its actually pretty basic.

Disclaimer : This only fixes the volume issue and bring it up to other daws standards, but it will not fix increase the quality of your sounds and tracks. For that you'll need to do separate eqing for that, and there is no magical formula for that yet. But you can always check online for the frequency charts and tutorials on youtube, again Disclaimer disclaimer, you won't get anywhere without learning how to eq (You know who you are XD) <3.

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