Cover of track An Ode to Frankenstein's Army (Now with FREE NECK BOLTS!) by righteous_indignation
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righteous_indignation, An Ode to Frankenstein's Army (Now with FREE NECK BOLTS!)


This the first track I created my own beat with Machiniste! Been a long time in the making as I wanted to make sure one gunfire FX didn't overpower or drown out the others, plus I wanted all the vocal cuts to be able to be understood as well as heard. The movie reference has more to do with the hodge podge way these idiots throw together their arsenals and justifications before they go out and assasinate innocent, unsuspecting, undeserving people for some backwater belief system: thrown together like Frankenstein's monster, then juiced with nonexistant virtues before being unleashed on the citizens of respective countries. My way of asking the world when do we become the scared, enraged villagers, sick of the needless slaughter, that pick up our pitchforks and torches and collectively burn these unpatriotic bastards to the ground while they hide atop their ivory towers.

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