A quick lil remix. Well more like a total re-work, I only kept one element the same just for kicks at the end. I'd expand on it but I'm quite busy all the time.

as always, comments and criticism is more appreciated than your favorite or follow.

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  • lol ok! track man u should make more songs like this

  • grrrrrrr :)

    me like

  • Great track man! If you like this, check out my new ambient/ synth fusion track Ambi-theatre :)

  • good song..... listen my song...

  • ★ ☆ ✰Honorable mention!★ ☆ ✰

  • actually, ignore the comment about the rasselblock, you already did that fine :)

  • this is pretty awesome. ai like the sub-bass riff, but it would be a little better if you didn't confine its panning to the center: oscillating the pan with an amplitute of 3-5% and a period of 1/4 measure would add a bit of sophistication. same thing goes for the rasselblock, although the amplitude could be a bit higher. anyways, great song!

  • love it :) great atmosphere

  • Shouldn't this be off featured already? It's been there like a week. Sorry drummerscott if I sound rude, it's just kinda unfair to others since this has been for longer than usually

  • Really good, nice percs and bass! deep dark, smooth and evil!

  • this is mental:)

  • Yes that bass is crisp and clean

  • cool !! great deep bass !!

  • Awesome man, great job!!!

  • great