sending our kids out into a world filled with Drugs and violence. every day we see it on our tv shows Csi .. law and order.. the news .. we arm them with the best knowledge we can do help them defend themselves. but the more we hear of how bad things can go wrong the more we think we are just arming the nuke. The M.L.K Sample represents one of man kinds greatest advice to those entering the world as adults .. the rappers represent and explain todays reality

many thanks to the rappers here you guys Rock i hope thsi finds you and you can see your work proudly displayed here

This is a remix of my original work thats on page two i did not want to loose the original because it was my first where i didnt use any samples at all :) i ahve polished this up added vocas and a bass line if you wonder why there are 4 machinist making one drum kit it is because i didnt know any better at the time

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  • nicely done check out my rap

  • :O another one i missed


  • good job uprising

  • Great track ! By the way, I'm in the contributors list because I uploaded MT Luther King's sample, not because I rap. Good luck finding the real rap artist !

  • Nice vocals.

  • oh wow the vocals go so dang good with the track and i like everything you added to this great job Uprising

  • Like the samples used in this. The tone is set nicely.

  • y-y-y-you are amazing! XD

  • I still wish i knew who the rappers were

  • Great track. I can dig the rap cause i write alot of lyrics very similar to rap.

  • thank you skruhmshus :) i have heard very little actual rap on audio tool .this is why i made this track :) the rappers are people i found in the audio tool library and beefed up their voices :)

  • wow....

  • ima bout to listen to the original..can i ask who the rappers are in this?

  • i love rap and this far...the best song i have ever heard on audiotool...this is so awesome...i would to put raps in my future songs....but this..this is wicked....