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Πελ is short for Πελάτης which Translates to Client in Greek
Little Elm, Texas
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Favorite Tracks
- Nostalgia (WIP) <--- interesting one.
- Lonesome <--- has over 100 effects, plus its only one bassline.
- Black light <-- some 007 type stuff right there
- dry <--- Jungle Trap, and future bass, I suggest you give it a listen!
- Seer of Skies <---- best future bass intro I've ever listened to.
- At the Other End [Audiotool Day Entry] <--- best AT bass ever, no joke, sounds like Abelton.
P-nice quotes down here.
- "the only thing i know about music theory(?) is the circle of fifths and all i really know about that is drink fifths of vodka till the music sounds good." ―natesparty
- "Tacos are great .-. ... BlackSpade left the chat" ―BlackSpade
- "Fucking Texan" ―infectzion

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