Not feeling too many ideas this week so I bumped out a standardtrance.

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  • Oh

  • Although I usually find this type of music to be overly repetitive, you did an excellent job on giving this song life.

  • come and listen to "piano techno" this is a great song

  • come and listen to "piano techno" this is a great song

  • good infuthsion. as usual. :)

  • this is such an amazing song. i love this sorta 90s trance track. in fact you inspired me to make my own trance track Labores Solis

    id be greatful if anyone woud check it out

    if you follow me ill follow you:) Thanks. sorry for wasting your time:)

  • Added to invented mod as ingame composition [Chapter 11 - Teleport Battle]

  • :D

  • this is probably the best song on audiotool.

  • Could have sworn i have faved this like 3 times already :\

  • Splendid!

  • GENIUS - 'nuff said! ;-)

  • I like that you do different styles

  • i just read your tutorial. wow. i always thought it took brains to make something so gorgeous and i was right. i love it when that happens.

  • this is my first night here and I LOVE this track, it's perfection man. i have never done anything like this, how long did it take you?