Cover of track ATU Podcast Show Jingle Contest ( pfi vershhh ) by Producer from internet
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Producer from internet, ATU Podcast Show Jingle Contest ( pfi vershhh )


Hello audiotoolers,

We Need You !

As part of an exciting project podcast hosted by The Marquis, who mingle interview of an artist and some music, we need to brighten up the idea with a few jingles.

The rules are simple :

1/ remix this track : do not use the same samples. The only purpose is to centralize them all here.

2/Duration : about 10-15 seconds.

3/ A vocal : you can use the one of audiotool underground that you will find at the end of this track " Audiotool underground Podcast show" but this would be greater if you would use you own voice sayin' : "This is [put your username here], you are listening the audiotool underground podcast show".

4/ Be creative.

See you soon for the laucnh of the first episode, and remember : stay classy audiotoolers.

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