I just wanted to create music with many people of Audiotool to do a kind of anthem but we're a bit lock so anyone who want to help us could produce here, just tell me and I add you

every kind of music is accepted

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  • sick

  • OMG !!! Excellent ! (Maybe this is remix of the track of someone or your original) If it's yours , your'e incredibly talented ! :)

  • OMG !!! :) Respect ! :)

  • cool :) It's really good

  • how do you join?

  • how was i added to this

    have you listened to my stuff on here like seriously

  • i worked and edited it alot plz tell me if i need to do anythiung els to it thanks

  • lol my part is still in here XD

  • we got all the best dj's here. were like at the round table for dj's and our table is like a C.D and were all sitting there with our mac books or desk tops (whatever the hell you have. idk honestly) and were all just sittin here making something that will hopefully or may be next big thing. honestly its great to be working with you guys at the table. lol I sound so freakon retarded right now. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I completely forgot about this....I got so many colabs to finish, I feel like getter or skrillex right now. just colabing non stop 24/7. if I keep this crap up I might just colab with everyone on audiotool. and I do believe S-M-D this shits gonna be huge

  • All those people have worked? Guinness record ;)

  • Sy too

  • I'm still hyped about working will XRB

  • what the hell

    it isnt a mega collab its like a Universe planet meeting Xd

  • is there someone who could give me auxed records mail please? i don't know why but i can't connect on their website and i need it for this track