Hey! It's been a while. I hope I'm not rusty. lel

Co-authors = people who got to preview my track before I published.


Best listened on speakers with a subwoofer.


I hope you enjoy!

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  • dont forget this yall

  • i still love this

  • this is a classic

  • refave

  • back when AT music was about musical composition and not just "that big sound"

  • how the fuck did I miss this

  • can u PLEASE save a preset for the drop on this song?

  • jfc

  • soundzz like final boss music so intense

  • Oh. My. Good. Gracious.

  • the beautiful music !! follow me please

  • Love it

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!

  • Nah. I started all this from scratch. I tried to emulate by ear some basses Skrillex and Cuddlex make, though.

  • oh shit... this is insane...