-Definitely had one hell of a time making this.

-This isn't exactly the exact sound and quality we were all shooting for, but a month and some change of work has lead to aggravation with this.

-My computer was air borne in the production of this. It's been wonderful working with these two guys here.

-Note, this is a failed collab, not because cuds was absent but because it's become a hassle to so much as even open this, I tried fixing up the final mixing and eqing but yeah. :/

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  • Take me back-

    Doo doo doo doo

    Take me back-

  • WAT

  • woAAhhhhhh

  • Bad things happened.

  • Fuck.......

  • Heavy . Like this alot

  • holy shiat

  • Lol, how are you even running it?

  • I wanted 9-10 but my eqing was falling out. So I kept 6 but I believe only 5 were used.

  • Haha this is pretty massive (:

  • <3

  • Can anyone give real crit, please? This was my first attempt at neurofunk and I am looking to do it again soon, therefore am looking for the best possible crit I can get.

  • Proud of that pad tho kek

  • Yeah, this was barely mixed and mastered.

  • Nah it's the frequency automation of the bass falling into place countering the white noise