Cover of track Auxy's remix comp! [Results] by Auxilor (moved)
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Auxilor (moved), Auxy's remix comp! [Results]


It's been great havcing so many people enter, and most of them were quite good!




1st Place: Aux [Nich Entry]

Brilliant sound design! Second chords seems a bit off, but otherwise, well done! Love future bass, and this is just perfect.


2nd Place: Auxy's remix comp! (GT Remix)

I love the atmosphere and the plucks in this one. It just feels so chill...


3rd Place: Auxy's remix comp! -Psych and Auxy's remix comp! E.E.G entry

For Psych, I love the use of next and It sounds great, but I feel that the key sliding is a bit odd and doesn't fit. That's why you got 3rd.

And EEG. I was going to put you second, but the second half of your song ( 00:30 ) and onwards, just doesn't fit. It seems aw bit all over the place. But up until then, I loved it.


Thanks to everyone who participated!

Should I do another one of these? Tell me!

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