The first version was a lot better, but this is still okay.

I don't really know how to mix this track so I just lowered the volume, lol.

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  • really awesome, how did i missed this?

  • Obviously moombah. idiots...

    joking. great track, who cares about the genre?

  • I searched "Glitch Hop" on google and this cam up! That is awesome!

    Great job guys btw.

  • this made my day

  • Not typically my style but this is super great. Got me moving!

  • Dang...those bleeps...this would sound sick as a moombah track

  • Incredible! It sounds so complex.

  • do i keep missing your tracks? /.\

  • comment hilarious "sandwichstep" hehehe excellent track :D

  • I give up. Let's just call it Bleepy Sandwichstep

  • it is electro house :D

    unless you use the aspect that its clipping to show how its glitch :P

  • Does the genre really matter though?

  • Im with gravi on this one sounds more like electro/complextro.

    Epic track tho!

  • This is awesome, am so downloading!

  • I actually prefer this over the original