On Rythem Gate synth ... Keizan

On Bass..Syntax

On lead melody... Uprising

drums and sound effects .. Uprising and Keizan

vocals samples place by uprising featuring

I do not speak spanish i dont know waht the lyrics to the spanish part are .. i hope it is appropriate next to the voice sample of a little kid... i got the voice sample from the library.

Re-worked + masterd by yafee? :) !

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  • Seeing an old lady getting robbed but instead of helping her you keep to yourself and whistle dixxy type beat


  • Nice work you two. That picture is so darn adorable. This track makes me picture angels all around that baby, playing, protecting, loving, leading, guiding, and intriguing the babys mind. Everywhere the baby goes they go. A walk in the stroller up a city steet, in the country crawling through soft bright green grass, splashing in the baby bath. Great image. Amazing track.

  • I love this sample man...U obviously saw the TaNtaLuS track using it, but wilunki and I did an ambient track using it a while back. Its on my channel, called Ambient Woods. U should check it out.

  • Very cool track, beautiful sounds.

  • Damn i dont know why the hell i missed this :(

  • it can be removed if you perfer not to be mentioned and the bass add a WHole lot to an atmosphere it gives a sound a polished feel and Fullness

  • thats why we said Syntax on bass lol there is no other bass in the track : ) we all did just a little part really Yaffe really did the most work on it by the remastering and sample working :) we all put in a little part and made a great track there were actyally 4 people involed in this ttrack :) yaffe? Keizan You and myself if you actually had a hand in the production and a significant edit then you would be in the title :)

  • @syntax : yeh well! ...That's something yeh? :)

  • I questioned my credit because I truly believe I barely did anything for this track. All I did was plug a pedal and a pulv in and make a low, almost insignificant bass. :P

  • good sound love this

  • Last two posts Uprising

  • syntax is the Definition of a rebel she Questions everything HAH

  • I like profanity :)

  • It's a very nice track!! All the synth parts work great together,really nice melodies and sounds! And I don't know why Syntax questioned her credit, the bass tone and note choice are great! :)

    I shall now go to Uprisings wall and apologise for the profanity I left on his wall, hehe! :)