Cover of track Batteries (GriffenE Remix) by Griffen Eubanks
  • about 6 years ago
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Griffen Eubanks, Batteries (GriffenE Remix)

  • dubstep
  • remix
  • enjoyyourshoes
  • griffene

This is my remix for enjoyyourshoes' mini remix competition haha I kind of took it in the opposite direction of the origional so that I could end up with a unique remix that doesn't sound just like its parent track!! Well... enjoy!!

P.S. Listen to the origional!

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    「PROJECT SEKAI」(old) about 4 years ago

    So much better then the original'

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    saviamarzs about 5 years ago


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    jakepenna about 5 years ago

    ok... i like the track, but dude this sounds compleatly different!!! u could have just did it on ur own

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    okayyy about 5 years ago

    Man I gotta add you to my profile as one of my favorite AT user... You make stuff that sounds like its made with FL or Ableton!

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    Titandub about 5 years ago