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Live in Greece.
Born in ex U.S.S.R.
I speak two languages greek and russian .
Love music of all styles .
I like very much Audiotool and all of his members you 're great guys.
Want to make lot of friends .
Comments accepted and i appreciate if you 'll tell me your opinion
or how could make something better .
My second account is : @ssagg. .
I use mostly for remixes.
My third account is : @ssagg .
I created it for collaboration.But since I have not used for a long time,I lost my password.
My fourth account : @AudiotoolMan
I created it for mixes.But in the end it became universal.
My fifth account is : @Ssagg Voyager
I created it when I was in Dusseldorf,I had to write music on someone else's computer.
And for security, I created this account.
In December 2016, I specifically went to Cologne,In the office of audiotool.I really wanted to meet someone from the creators of this wonderful site and personally thank,But unfortunately, while I got to the office there was no one there.

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