quick run

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  • Hey always a good feeling to hear that some of my stuff is heard on the other side of the planet ;) thanks bud

  • found your santhesis cd and been playing it in my car last couple of days.. love this track. refav

  • ahead of it's time, this is

  • oh man i love that melody so much

  • beautiful rhythms

  • thanks :)

  • Damn I still love this music

  • refave beautiful

  • thanks :)

  • Awesome Sandburgen, awesome...

  • i missed it! fkn love it!!

  • Wow der song ist super ! habe den gerade auf bandcamp angehöhrt !

  • This song is the reason I go at least every week on Audiotol to listen to music. This song amaze me so hard.

  • There is so much excellent music that i can`t listen to all of it.. I whish I had 10 heads and 10 hearts to could listen more..!

  • thanks mates ... hehe just read what the watermelonboy wrote. That's some kind of an unusual compliment. Thanks :)