Cover of track BeatBoxing Voices (Remix/Challenge/Contest) by Mr. BuzzKillingTon
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Mr. BuzzKillingTon, BeatBoxing Voices (Remix/Challenge/Contest)


Well I'm not really popular on audiotool. But I thought I would try this out anyways. Before I say the rules and categories remember you have to turn this into atleast a 2:00 minute song (Or 1:30 might be accepted). So here are the categories.

Creative - Do something outrageously awesome with it.

Original - Do something unique you don't hear alot.

Interesting - Well in this category if you turn it into something unexpected like a Dubstep or Sad or trance song. Then you will probaly get this award.

Complexity - Just do something Complex.

There is also

1'st Place - Best

2'nd Place - Second Best

3'd Place - Third Best


Don't just add effects and then enter it.

Must be 2:00 or maybe 1:30 .

Must use atleast two automations. (Not counting mine)(You can do more than two but no less than two)

Don't just add loops do some of your of own stuff.

When I made the audiotrack in thesong it glitched. So if you extend it, there will be a chunk of silence. Just cut that out.

Friday August 29 2013

Have Fun!

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