Shortly after I published Equalizer a few weeks ago, I would listen to it on my iPod and I realized, the EQ was awful, the build-up wasn't very satisfying because it got all cluttered and noisy at the peak.

So I decided to give it another shot and this is what I came up with. I took out some elements and redid the whole way everything was plugged in, used a few more mixers, chained things together better. So, now I feel like it has a better sound overall, but on the flip side, I think all the changes I made actually made it less powerful than the original.

I'd love it if yall took a shot at it and remixed this to see what you can do.

I kind of screwed up and made all the changes on the original instead making the changes in a remix, so you can't remix the original, you can only remix this one, but still, give it a shot. I'm sure a ton of you out there could totally beat me.

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