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  • :)

  • reminds me of skins

  • Good stuff.

  • i 1701 player, ohhh yeah

  • :) :) :) :)

  • eheh..I am a bit late aren’t ah! ….is a lovely track still. { I am going to fave now } :)

  • I would really really love to see an Olaf remix! Lol

  • Hehe, I'm still in love with that melody (:

  • sounds very skins intro type stuff :L great :D

  • lol. Strangely I actually really like this, even in comparison to your new stuff

  • Still love this. This was one of those tracks that got me into Audiotool, thanks for that (:

  • I like this. It's pretty! :3

  • this is awesome!! i love old school astrum!

  • awwww.. <3

  • no problem :) ure very creative, love ur work! ;)