birdcore i guess.

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  • I can't favorite this because it's at 69 lol

    • as palpatine once said...DEW IT

  • yes bc of the cover xD

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  • Saw wave bass, it's epic

  • Bird core core


  • can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

  • Birdbient:~)

    • I love it - Birdbient should be a new genre of it's own

  • This sucker charts twice?! I now declare it the official Birdcore anthem.

  • woah

    this sounds cool

  • Nice one !

  • gimme singles.

  • Nice cover

    • Adventure Time is my childhood.

    • Best CN show next to adventure time

    • i think im gonna watch regular show now.

  • Maybe?

  • i love what u do with sounds ❤️

  • holy-

    the depth

    the birds

    the flanger


    • I published a synthesized killer whale in birdcore as it's probably the closest genre tag in AT, because the broad idea is to put an animal at the core of a track. It's not a bird so I guess it should be 'whalecore' then, but we are limited in terms of genre tags in AT so yeah you could definitely put it in birdcore :)

    • So hypothetically, if i synthesized whalesong... it could still be birdcore right? The Synthetizations of animal song, all in the vein of birdsong. I like this very much.

    • Birdcore was simply a term found by peeps to label my synthesized birdsongs, I personally see it as a losely-defined genre. Of course, it should be related to birds to some extent, but if you simply create a synth melody inspired by a birdsong for example, it would still be birdcore imo

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