Who said Audiotool cant do Heavy Basses?!

I've discovered a simple way to make awesome heavy basses on audiotool.

And I've discovered a new to make a gating effect - this way i have a lot more control than the Rasslebock Gate Effect and its easier to use than the Gate Effect Pedal. I use the "out 1" on the rasslebock to control when i want the sound to leave - and i have the benefit of being able to write in the effect without having to worry about "rate" nobs and other stuff.

The bass synth and drums in this are in my templates. Im doing a series of templates called "Awesome Synth Sounds". I'll be adding one template a week for a couple of months and you can use them - but please credit me.

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    fresh prince of bellend


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    This song is done vet well! Great job dude! btw, i'm a new producer here on audiotool, do you have any advise? i'm not sure how to use the sets tht are given on the app, it's all new equipment to me... Before I just used my cousin's set, and now i'm doing it on the internet lol! I need some help

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    The kinda tunes I LOVE!!! ambient but with a hard DnB breakbeat. Very Cool!!

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    Pretty good song, could use a couple more instruments though. But... I like and I'll give it a fave :P

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    Panic Attack (Goodbye)

    Awh yes. Just like that :) The description didn't make much sense to me but yeah, I'll try and work something out

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    come and listen to "piano techno" this is a great song

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    When you're using the out 1 or whatever on the rassel block, if you change the dry/wet of it to something like 98% and put the slope thingy on, it gets a sort of reverb effect and I think it sounds a bit meatier

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    Wow... The most impressive is the tempo transitioning part! Well done!

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    this is cool

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    very nice :)

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    DJ VaN

    Awesome man :D

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    very good job !! .. cool sound !!

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    nice work jake i dig :)