Cover of track blink-182 - All the Small Things by kutu
  • about 7 years ago
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kutu, blink-182 - All the Small Things


It's very difficult recording from mic in audiotool, please, improve this part.

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    ⁶ ₆ ⁶ svmmit ₆ ⁶ ₆

    about 7 years ago

    I love blink-182! this is awesome [: great job man!!

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    about 7 years ago

    you've done a great job here kutu; excellent track. in what way do you find it difficult? sometimes i find it easier to record into audacity (free) or reaper (free trial version) without the 45 second limit --and then break up into 30 sec chunks for import; i can play while listening to audiotool tracks in play. just a couple thoughts.