Cover of track Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch ft. Spirit (REMIX) [Compatition? - OPEN by Past_the_WOLF
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Past_the_WOLF, Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch ft. Spirit (REMIX) [Compatition? - OPEN


Hey guys!

I am haveing a hard time if this track should be fast or slow. I was messing around with the number digit thingy (its it the top left corner of the box thingy where you put down you're sounds), and this vocal track sounds good slow or fast. Sooooooooo I decided to do a music compatition for it!


1. Has to be more then 1 minute long

2. you have to change the speed ex: mine is 160.00, you can change it to 100.00, 110.00, 120.00, etc. It goes up too 300.00, which os the fastest, and 100.00 is the slowest

3. You can go ahead and change the notes and stuff on it, or whatever

4. YOU HAVE TOO KEEP THe BEAT THAT I HAVE USED FOR IT. please dont change the drums, bc it sounds cool with it c:

Good Luck!

BTW: i'll be working on this, so it will be republished....


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    about 2 years ago

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