theres been quite alot of talk about people using samples recent, and personally I hated it when people just used loops. But, I've tried it to see what all the fuss is about.

And yet, I couldn't even make a whole track just using samples. and I still stand by my original opinion. This track just doesn't truly feel 'mine' and I'm not really somewhat connected with it.

but oh well, here's a chilled out, down tempo track :-)


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  • thanks for the fav :-)

  • :-)

  • actually yeah I suppose, yeah I catch your drift, but thanks alot!!

  • samples are your instruments - when you use a flute freq you are using an instrument in the same manner - all my tracks utilize loops of things i could make but too lazy to replicate hehe - anyway hope you get my point - this is creative power artist !!

  • aw well I hope you read the description, but thanks man :-)

  • yes beautiful beautiful sound - absolutely :)

  • you think? thanks man

  • awesome :)

  • @Huslander thanks :-) but idk I'm just not keen

  • don't undersell yourself. Use what you want, utilize your resources :-)

  • and yeah I made the beat myself

  • Yeah I agree with you man! But thanks

  • well i love this track, very relaxing. I love the drum beat

  • Yes i agree. I dont like to use loops, just oneshots. unless you recorded them, which is acceptable. I also think its hard to use loops because they dont usually share the same key so they dont sound right... but drums are fine.