Not Done..

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  • Call the fire department because this beat caused my whole neighborhood to go down in flames cause this was too lit!

  • wow i wasnt sure at first but yes its f***ing amazing

  • i usually hate trap but this ... is different, is amazing bro, great work !

  • One thing I'd suggest is lowering some of the high frequencies a little bit. And maybe boosting the bass because then this would sound ultra professional.

  • I'd totally download this if AT let me...

  • makes me wanna run around in the woods at night!

  • Scrary... deff a Gem!

  • Still love this....

  • Wen r u gonna finish this cause it says not done

  • creepy ;)

  • Congrats! This was in moogfest!

  • This is dark asf and chill... I love that beat! It was so unexpected! This is amazing bro.

  • !!!!!!!!:$

  • Very cool

  • Oh my! How delightfully twisted and obscured! This would be the perfect background music to my nightmares! WOW!