Skrrrt, Ima bad Muthafuking man

I'm fucking wit yo b#tches in the GRASSLAND

And I'm fuking them up in my swimming pool

And all the b#tches think that I'm pretty COOL

And fuk all u hos talking bullsh!t

Cause you know, y'all hadn't heard my latest hit, latest hit

It's the best dam thing out there, and

All y'all b#tches cuum and wanna stare, at my (Moby) Dick

Pop a pimple

Plain and simple

Lick her n!pple

Get a sipple

Purple Nurple

Slurple Burple

Perfect Circle

Magic Turtle

Smoking weed n' merriwanna

While I'm jocking in BOTSWANA

I know Brittney really wanna

Kiss me deeper than MADONNA

Boom b#tch, u dead b#tch

Yo neck split, no head b#tch

Half African American, my other half is Asian

Botswana is my residence, my enemies are blazing, IN HELL.

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