Wow, these three guys right here made the song so much better than we thought.

Kyba- Making that boss main lead there

Acrylic- Made the little arp thing in the beginning, and helped with the build up

Spartans- Helped with the littled effects, and some mastering

While Hazmatz made the drop and mastering... without these guys though, this song would have still been in our drafts, thanks bunches guys!

Critique on this would be great, don't be afraid to comment below, and if you haven't already, go follow these guys!

P.S. if you open the song, the items are labeled and color coated to who did what in this track, might not have all of it, but majority is color coated and/or labeled


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  • lean

  • das my jam :D

  • It sounds great, I think the drums need to be louder, and the drop synths need less stereo spread. It feels weird listening on headphones. Other than that though, its a banger!

  • Nice job guys haha, I just think the main lead in the drop is a bit overpowering compared to the sub. The panning hi hat you have going on in the intro is a little annoying imo, but that's probably just me. The riser in the build seems a bit too loud aswell. The transition from the drop to the verse is something I really like and idk why honestly aha. Overall nice job guys!

  • Oh. Oh? OH.

  • Republished

    keep messing things up, ok got it this time hopefully

  • Republished

    some more edits

  • Why thank you :)

  • Republished

    Kyba made an awesome edit for the second drop, and we kinda just messed with it some, also messed with the bounce in the beginning

  • Yo made some slight changes to the drop lead in the final drop (melody) if you like them you should update with em :)

  • its so catchy though personally i woulve tuned up the cutoff value for the drop lead to create a more squished tight sound but apart from this an amazing track ;)

  • Good Structure! and sounds fit good each other,

    I like it more dirty, its sounds a bit too clean for me !but i have not heard a lot songs like this!

    Sry for my english.

    Keep up the good work! =)

  • I dunno...there seems to be a slight lowering of volume when the lead comes in or it could be me, I don't have the best headphones.

  • Sick quality. Sick sound.

  • kick, duh, kick, duh